Sunday, February 27, 2011

What we ate

The food was very good, and the coffee was outstanding. Once you figure out the difference between a flat white and a long black, you're set. (The difference between a flat white and a latte was a bit harder to discern.)

Most famous, next to NZ lamb, are their mussels. Two people to whom I mentioned green lipped mussels recoiled in horror, but it only means that the tips of their shells are green. The mussels themselves were plump and briny and tasty. Here they are at Luciano's in Queenstown.

The mussels at Fishbone show the green coloring better.

I also enjoyed a rabbit and hare frittata. It was delicious, though I could not tell the difference, if any, between the two.
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This is brunch in Auckland with EAP's midwife friend Claire, enjoyed in sight of the beach.

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New Zealand pastries were uneven. They all looked beautiful - well, maybe not the lolly squares made of multicolored candies - but they were often dull.
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Alice was a wonderful cook and forager, and our lunches on the REI trip were usually sandwiches or other picnic food. Here's a picnic on the shores of Lake Te Anau, made even more delicious by the marvelous view.
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Whitebait is a specialty of the South Island, with locals staking out the best fishing spots year after year. We had the impression that it was more of a tradition than a genuine delicacy, but we enjoyed these whitebait fritters at Fishbone.

The blue cod with risotto was delicious,

as was the monkfish.
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