Friday, February 4, 2011

Camera woes

Although I had brought a cheap waterproof camera, I took my real camera on the kayak trip anyway. Because I am an idiot, apparently. When it slipped out of my jacket and into the water I picked it up right away, but the damage was done. Here's a sad little picture that actually depicts pretty well what the drenching rain in Okarito looked like.


This impressionistic view of our bedroom has a certain charm, but it went downhill from here.
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Tim advised me that the camera was dying a slow death, and I had to agree. What to do now?

After the ritual lamentations and recriminations (all conducted internally), I pulled out my phone and began taking some not-bad pictures with it. Transferring them to the computer seems beyond my abilities right now, but some day I'll show them to you...

This afternoon we had half an hour in Wanaka before lunch in Arrowtown, so I ducked into the first camera store we saw and bought a camera right on the spot. Without doing any research or consulting David Pogue first! I can only hope I made the right decision, but so far so good.

Here's an okay picture of a gull on Queenstown Harbour. Let's hope it gets better from here.
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