Saturday, February 5, 2011

On towards the glacier

(See also this post without pictures)

We left Okarito in drizzling fog, but soon enough the air cleared - not enough to see the mountain tops, but just enough to tease us.

We're headed to the Franz Josef Glacier, so called by Herr Haast who explored this area in the 19th century and named the glacier after the emperor, and many other places after himself. As we got closer, we drove next to the Haast River, one of the many glacier-fed rivers here, with milky gray water and lots of rock and scree.

We got closer and closer, and the views out the window were more and more spectacular.


Here's EAP ready for Franz Josef.

The walk to the glacier was easy, but the landscape was overwhelming. People looked so minute next to the vast hills and sky.


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Along the way are more waterfalls.

We're getting closer...
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Finally, we get to the mouth of the glacier.

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No further, lest we be gobbled up.

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