Sunday, February 27, 2011

What we ate, part two

We had another day in Queenstown on our way back to the east coast. With only a few hours to spend, Ellen, EAP and I felt sure that eating a Fergburger was the best use of our time. It's apparently a tradition in Queenstown, and the owner refuses to franchise it, so you'll just have to go there.

As you can see, the classic Fergburger with cheese was a good size.


The French fries (hot chips??) were delicious and abundant, especially with the garlic mayonnaise accompaniment.

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At the other end of the scale was Hopgood's, said to be the best restaurant in Nelson. We thought it was delicious!
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Lamb with peas, mint and feta


Panna cotta with jammy dodgers

Cheese plate featuring local cheeses
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Desserts in general looked better than they tasted. Here is our last REI dessert, not quite a Pavlova, or is it?

And here is a typical pastry case, this one in Geraldine. Beware the lolly cake!
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All told, my favorites were the green-lipped mussels, the coffee, and any sandwich eaten outdoors with a beautiful view.

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